Make Decisions Without Having Meetings

Spend too much time in Zoom meetings that could be resolved asynchronously? Cut down on your meetings, and spend more time doing deep work with AsyncMeet.


How it works

Create an async meeting and set a due date

Invite your teammates

Invite participants who you want to contribute to the async meeting and AsyncMeet will automatically notify them asking them to contribute.

Set a due date

Set a due date for when a decision should be made and AsyncMeet will automatically notify all participants.

Express yourself however you want to

Record your voice, your screen, or just organize your thoughts clearly in a long-form post.

Record your voice and your screen

Have something to show your team? Or no time to type out your thoughts? Simply record your voice and your screen and post it, seamlessly.

Automatic transcription

Any voice recordings are automatically transcribed to make it easier for your teammates to skim through.

Thoughtful long-form posts

Want to organize your thoughts? Make a long-form post using our rich text-editor.

Mark Decisions And Action Items Explicitly

Know exactly what decisions were made and why.

Meeting Report Shared Automatically

AsyncMeet collects the outcomes of your meeting and sends out a meeting report to all your teammates making any next steps clear.

Organize Your Async Meetings In Different Groups

Group similar async meetings into relevant categories and add your teammates to each of these groups.

Improve visibility within the team
One source of truth for all your meetings
Easily search through meetings
Effortlessly identify what decisions were made and why.

Ready to take back your time and be more productive?