Make Decisions Without Having Meetings

A place for you and your team to have formal and time-bound discussions. Set clear expectations for when you would like your team to provide you with information or contribute to a discussion.

Cut down on your meetings, and spend more time doing deep work with AsyncMeet.


How it works

Set Clear Expectations

Set A Due Date

Set a due date for when the discussion ends.

Automatic Reminders

AsyncMeet reminds participants to contribute to the discussion.

Express Yourself More Effectively

Record yourself, your screen, or just organize your thoughts clearly in a long-form post.

Explicitly Mark Decisions
And Action Items

AsyncMeet builds a knowledge base of your decisions to share with your team.

Explicit Approvals And Seen States

AsyncMeet requires participants to explicitly sign off on the discussion and lets them also decide their "seen" states.

Singe-Player Friendly

Your entire team doesn't need an account to participate in a discussion.
Moreover, only discussion creators are billed.

Ready to take back your time and be more productive?